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TanzaniaTenders is the most famous online tender search website, providing information on all government EOI from Tanzania. Expression of Interest meaning is very simple. It is the stage in which the purchaser is making the prospective bidders aware about their procurement requirement through EOI notice.

This is not the tendering stage where the supplier is required to submit the complete offer along with the financial proposal. The other way of explaining EOI is that the purchaser is interested in making a short list of suppliers whom they will issue the tender document and will ask them to submit the complete offer. This stage of procurement can be equated with the pre-qualification stage.

In some case the purchasers have standard Expression of Interest form, in which the interested bidders need to respond. When there is no standard format then the suppliers can submit the written Expression of Interest along with the EOI letter, mentioning their willingness to take part in the procurement process.

The expression of Interest letter should mention, apart from their willingness, the past orders executed, testimonials, list of plants and machineries, list of capable staff (very necessary in case of consulting assignment) and the financial statements of the company. The cover letter Expression of Interest can also contain some vital statistics which can instil confidence in the purchaser.

Submitting an Expression of Interest can be in two ways, depending upon the instructions given by the purchaser. Through email or through the post in hard copy.

TanzaniaTenders not only provides information on Tanzania government bids and tenders, but also helps its clients in applying to Tanzania government EOI. It provides host of services in connection with Public Procurement/Tendering with the help of local agents. Some of the services are: Purchase and Submission of Tender documents, attending pre-bid meeting, bid opening and help in EMD etc.

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TZT Ref No.  65516271

Deadline  19th Dec 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  64073870

Deadline  12th Jun 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  65516284

Deadline  30th Aug 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  66444791

Deadline  30th May 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  65515753

Deadline  12th Jan 2023

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  65517063

Deadline  5th Aug 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  65516395

Deadline  1st Oct 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  65516439

Deadline  28th Aug 2022

Country  Tanzania

TZT Ref No.  65515280

Deadline  11th Jul 2022

Country  Tanzania