Development of communication package to support rolling out Responsible Parenting and Family Care (RPFC) action plan

8th Apr 2019

Rehabilitation of Control System (Operation Station, Protection System for Turbine, Protection System for Generator and Protection System for Substation)

30th Apr 2019

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Dust Collector

28th Mar 2019

Provision Bird Harassment and Cleaning of Apron, Runway and Tax-Way

30th Jun 2019

Service and Maintenance of Information Systems (TV Network and Local Area Networking, Ant Virus and Firewalls, Computer and Copier Service

30th Jun 2019

Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment`s (Breathing Apparatus Ref-Filling Machine, Fire Hoses and Breathing Apparatus)

30th Jun 2019

Request for Proposal (RFP)_GP600667_Industrial Chalk Processing and Packaging Plant.

20th Apr 2019

Request for Proposal for Industrial Chalk Processing and Packaging Plant in Tanzania.

20th Apr 2019

Supply, Installation, Configuration, Testing, and Commissioning of X-Rays Machines and Walk through Metal Detectors

25th Mar 2019

Supply, Installation and Commissioning Centralized Solution of CCTV Camera

28th Mar 2019

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